James Island Jacksonville Homeowners Association
Committee Members
Access Control
The Access Control Committee is to follow post orders and procedures in order to effectively monitor traffic and gate access to the community.

The Access Control Meeting is held the first Thursday of each month.

Ann Teifenthaler

Debbie Fernandez
The primary function of the ARC is to review applications, plans, specifications, materials, samples submitted to determine if the proposed structure, lot layout, landscape design, etc., conforms in appearance and construction with the design and planning criteria.
ARC Meeting is held on the first Tuesday of each month.
Matt Romano
Nitin Mehta
Marsha Moran
Dean Prewitt
Brian Milkes
Peter Weir
Phillip Budenhohm
Covenant Enforcement Committee monitors reports of Covenant Violations and when necessary reviews repeated violations to assess fines in accordance with Florida Statutes.
No members listed for protection and privacy.
The Finance Committee collects financial date from the current year and gathers cost estimates for the purpose of formulating yearly budgets and assessment requirements for the coming year.
Joe Iannotti
Bryan Smith
Operations Maintenance and Waterways committee. This committee is in charge of Operations of the properties, Maintenance of the properties and waterways such as ponds. Congratulations to the new OME members.

The Annual Meeting is held in May of each year, the last Thursday.

Chair Ernst Bell

Lynda Duarte

Lani Freeman

Bruce Burfeind

Board Liaison Bob Droker
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