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1. Visitors will not be granted access to the property to “just look around.” Prospective homebuyers who wish to enter the property must either have the authorization of a resident, be attending an Open House that has been authorized by a resident, or accompanying a Qualified Real Estate Agent.

2. A Qualified Real Estate Agent is an agent that can provide a driver’s license and either a) real estate company’s business card, or b) a Realtor License.

3. Qualified Real Estate Agents must show their identification before entering the property, and the officer on duty will record their name and purpose of visit on the Visitors Log.

4. Open House: Homeowners and licensed Real Estate agents may host an Open House in which prospective buyers will be invited to view their home. Prior to hosting the Open House, the resident must provide the gatehouse with the address, the day, and the hours of the Open House event. Residents will also provide at least ten (10) directional maps for the officer on duty to hand to prospective buyers.

5. Real Estate agents will not be issues a bar code decal.

6. The For Sale sign requirement is a wooden post 60” or five feet tall in entirety, and 16” of which is in the ground (per the attachment with sign specs for your convenience). The sign itself, along with any name rider, is to be green with beige trim.
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